Full-scale video production team in Japan.

Full-scale video production team in Japan.

We offer a wide range of services for producing successful digital or TV video productions: pre-production, filming, post-production, editing, screenwriting, production planning, location scouting, rights and clearance, distribution, line crew staffing, talent, actor casting, filming permissions, equipment rental, and everything else it takes to make a successful video.

We promise quality

An experienced team of experts that are capable of handling any video project. Our promise is quality video with fast delivery and turn around.

Every video project has specific goals and needs. Whether it’s a digital or TV series, commercial advertisement, documentary, music video or coporporate video, we have the capacity to handle everything you need from start to finish no matter how tight the deadlines or timelines may be. 

Bilingual producers and video crew

We are based in Tokyo, but we are a multinational video production team that is bilingual in English, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, French, and Italian. Japan has many cultural and language barriers of entry for foreigners but we break them all down. This mixture of language and culture allows us to perfectly understand the needs of global companies who commission our projects while remaining true to the Japanese identity.

Our awareness of the cultural context allows us to create videos in Japan and other Asian countries, but our western-style gives Japanese companies an advantage when producing video content that is targeted for an overseas foreign audience.

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