Filming in Japan isn't like filming in any other country.

Filming in Japan isn't like filming in any other country.

There are many rules and customs in Japan. Our bilingual staff along with our experience has proven to solve many logistical issues in the Japan video production space such as location scouting, obtaining shooting permissions, organizing camera crews, hiring local talent, equipment rental, and everything else that goes into making a successful film.

We can set up your video shoot

If you have a video project that will require filming in Japan then you may need research, location scouting, permissions and permits to film, equipment rental, or even rights and clearances to approve content. You may also need to deal with Japanese business and agencies or hire local talent or video line crew members such as DOPs, directors, sound engineers, hair & makeup stylists, and more.

We know that there are many layers to making a video, so allow us to navigate the logisitcs to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

An example?

Take a look at our Robot Restaurant video or this one <***>.

We made many productions possible thanks to our understanding of the cultural context and the ability to do business the Japanese way.

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