A digital and TV video production company based in Tokyo lead by two successful Youtubers.

We are content creators that produce videos for overseas companies trying to film in Japan. For Japanese and other Asian based countries, our western-style and culture will give you an advantage in producing localized video content that helps you reach foreign audiences. 

Succeeding on Youtube has lead our team in translating products and services into cool videos that tell an interesting story about your company’s brand, products, and services. Our dedication to creating strategic commercials and advertisements for our clients has driven positive returns on investment and we do it with natural creativity. 

We have an eagerness in storytelling. This has driven us to create and participate in the making of documentaries distributed on large distribution networks such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Rakuten TV Japan.

We are experts in creating viral music videos but also just as well at making corporate videos that will help drive your B2B sales strategy to success.

Our team

Kasia Mieciński

Favorite TOFU dish – Sweet, spongy, and widely available. Inari Sushi, in other words Abuurage TOFU sushi.
From Chicago.
Based in Tokyo 7 years.
Co-founder and CEO.

Krzysztof Gonciarz

Favorite TOFU dish – yuba
From Krakow, Poland.
Based in Tokyo for 6 years.

Mike Tudda

Favorite TOFU dish – Hot & spicy, makes your mouth numb. Mabo TOFU.
From New York City.
Living in Tokyo 6 years.
Producer & Business Development

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